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Play therapy is defined as "the systematic use of a theoretical model to establish an interpersonal process wherein trained play therapists use the therapeutic powers of play to help clients prevent or resolve psychosocial difficulties and achieve optimal growth and development."

More simply put, child play therapy is a way of being with the child that honors their unique developmental level and looks for ways of helping in the “language” of the child – play. Licensed mental health professionals therapeutically use play to help their clients, most often children ages three to 12 years, to better express themselves and resolve their problems.

Play therapy works best when a safe relationship is created between the therapist and client, one in which the latter may freely and naturally express both what pleases and bothers them.

Mental health agencies, schools, hospitals, and private practitioners have utilized play therapy as a primary intervention or as supportive therapy for:

Behavioral problems, such as anger management, grief and loss, divorce and abandonment, and crisis and trauma.

Behavioral disorders, such as anxiety, depression, attention deficit hyperactivity (ADHD), autism or pervasive developmental, academic and social developmental, physical and learning disabilities, and conduct disorders.

Research suggests play therapy is an effective mental health approach, regardless of age, gender, or the nature of the problem, and works best when a parent, family member, or caretaker is actively involved in the treatment process.

Several of Arise Therapists utilize Sand Play Therapy. Read more here.

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Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Are you a parent seeking support with communication, parenting skills, or life transitions? Is your child having emotional or behavioral problems? Are you seeking guidance during a life transition?

Are you seeking support for improving communication skills and relationship building? Are you looking for someone to help you or someone you love cope with anxiety, depression, or childhood trauma?

I Can Help parents set limits that are both loving and firm, children express their feelings in a safe and thoughtful manner,

improve communication and enhance personal growth.

Clinical Social Worker Associate

My passion comes from helping people grow internally as well as external. I believe in meeting people where they are and equipping them with the tools they need to connect with insight and peace. I strive to create a space that feels safe where this work can be done. I believe that each one of us has the capacity to heal and experience health and wholeness. 

Albany Play therapists

2225 Pacific Blvd, Suite 101, Albany OR 97321

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Licensed Professional Counselor

Registered Intern

 Are you a parent that is trying to have a relationship with your child(ren)? Do you feel alone and that nothing is working? Are you worried that your child(ren) might have problems later when they grow up? Have your experiences in your life caused you distress and now you want to live fully? Have you noticed that your symptoms are getting in your way? Do you feel like everything you have tried is just not working? We can navigate all of these together. Together, we will find ways that work.

It took a lot for you to get on this site. You've taken this step. Whether you are a parent/guardian trying to find help, or an individual that is trying to heal, come see me. We can take more steps together.

Licensed Professional Counselor 

Registered Intern

Chaos is inevitable and it is easy to become overwhelmed or confused with what to do. This can contribute to anxiety, depression, and worsen trauma. 

When this happens, it can be helpful to

have someone walk beside us in navigating through life. 

Sometimes we need help learning to cope with and/or change how we view the world. Together, we can take the first step towards improving your quality of life.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern

Do you want to thrive? Let me help! Take a deep breath inhale…and slowly exhale. I believe its important to recognize all aspects of your being in the therapeutic process. This is why I practice from an integrative approach that focuses around the 4 pillars of nourishment, restoration, movement, and connection. We will do hard work together. My clients enjoy movement and are open to trying new things they haven’t done before, like spending less time on technology, creating new habits, and doing a series of yoga postures to help release stagnant energy. I would be honored to help guide you in your journey.