Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy for Stronger Relationships

The decision to begin couples therapy can mark a turning point in the relationship with your significant other. Research suggests that more than 90% of couples who attended counseling together found the tools they needed for dealing with conflict better. All told, more than 95% of couples report getting the help their relationship needed from professional therapy.

Reasons Couples Seek Therapy

There are a variety of reasons that couples of all ages, sexes, races, sexual orientations and genders decide to work on their relationship through therapy together. A partial, but not an exhaustive, list of reasons people seek counseling as a couple includes:

    • Addiction (shopping, gambling, alcohol, drugs, compulsive phone behavior, etc.)
    • Codependent behaviors
    • Communication problems
    • Conflicts with in-laws/extended families
    • Counseling before filing for divorce
    • Different parenting styles
    • Desire to reconnect with a partner
    • Difficulties communicating
    • Discrepancies in values
    • Distance has grown between partners
    • Distrust between partners
    • Division of labor disputes
    • Financial disputes
    • Frequent arguments
    • Issues of Infidelity
    • Jealousy
    • Lack of personal intimacy
    • Pre-marital counseling
    • Wishing to deepen emotional connection
Couples Therapy
Couples Therapy

Therapy for couples often begins with the therapist getting to know a bit about each partner, including why they have decided to seek counseling. If you’re experiencing a crisis as a couple, interventional therapy may be indicated initially. Barring a crisis, your therapy will begin with the identification of problems in the relationship. Using a variety of modalities and treatments, your therapist will work with you to gain insight into the origin of dysfunctional interactions and provide tools and tips for changing behaviors in the relationship.

One specific therapy is the Gottman method. Gottman Method Couples Therapy is generally structured by starting with a therapy session where you and your partner will meet the therapist and give a general history of your relationship.

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