family therapy

Family Therapy at Arise

Family therapy can be a powerful change agent in the dynamics between parents and children. Designed to identify and address issues affecting the healthy function of a family, therapy often addresses behavioral, emotional, and psychological issues within a family unit. A variety of therapies and modalities may be used including, but not limited to, family systems, narrative, and other forms of therapy.

family therapy

Common Reasons Families Seek Professional Therapy

Many issues within a family dynamic may be resolved through professional help. Some of the many reasons that families decide to seek counseling as a collective unit include:

    • Adapting to blended families
    • Adjusting to children becoming teenagers
    • Coping with health issues within the family
    • Coping with child behavioral issues
    • Dealing with addiction within the family
    • Deepening family bonds
    • Improving connection within the family
    • Improving communication problems
    • Learning about mental health and mood disorders within the family
    • Navigating divorce or separation
    • Significant changes affecting the whole family (death, loss, move, job/school change)
    • Supporting behavioral changes

There are many other reasons that families may decide that help from a professional counselor can help their family to grow healthier and happier together. Any family situation that is causing multiple or individual family members stress, grief, resentment, jealousy, conflict, or fear is a reason to consider therapy for your family.

family therapy
family therapy

What to Expect If Your Family Goes to Therapy

Your licensed counselor will get to know your family and learn about your issues of concern. Although there is no magic wand that a therapist can wave to fix all issues impacting each member, all family members will learn new tools, techniques, and behaviors for better communication, healthier understanding of one another, and coping skills for facing difficulties within the family.

Professional Family Therapy in Eugene, Albany and Salem or via TeleHealth.

At Arise Counseling Services, we are devoted to helping families to resolve conflicts healthily. Our compassionate counselors and therapists bring vast experience in helping families to course-correct or adjust to changing dynamics in healthy, healing ways. Contact us today to learn more about Arise Counseling in Eugene, Albany and Salem or via TeleHealth.