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Hailey Atchison

Professional Counselor Associate

I was born and raised in Springfield, Oregon and this very much feels like home to me! My favorite way to spend time is laughing with my family and eating good food. I love being outside with my husband and we like to kayak, hike, ride bikes, and snowshoe. I’m also a sucker for dog snuggles, a good book, and the chance to lounge in a hammock!

Hailey's Approach

I bring my authentic self into the therapy room, as I believe that genuine human connection is required in order for healing to happen. I gravitate toward a strengths-based approach, which means I think it’s important to highlight the resources that clients already have available, and to celebrate what’s currently going well. We can then use this as a foundation to build from as we determine where they want to see further growth and change. I also utilize mindfulness and self-compassion to help clients gain insight and self-awareness, and to treat themselves with kindness and care. One other thing about me is that I am a person of faith. If clients also identify with faith or spirituality of any kind, I feel very comfortable integrating their values and beliefs into our therapeutic work.

More About Hailey Atchison


In my past experience I have worked almost exclusively with female clients but at arise I see clients of all genders and a variety of ages. I very much enjoy discussing women’s issues, such as gender oppression and sexism, body image and self-esteem concerns, domestic violence, and social pressures. I have worked with college-aged women who are exploring friendships, relationships, career decisions, and the stress of assignments and deadlines. I also have experience working with anxiety and depression, and in helping clients gently explore their trauma and navigate what healing means to them.


I have a bachelor’s degree in Community Health from Western Oregon University and a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Bushnell University.

Can I Help You?

I treat patients for:

  • Anxiety, worry, stress, panic
  • Depression, grief, loss, sadness
  • LGBTQIA+ Related Issues
  • BIPOC related issues
 Angela Barnhurst