Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The fundamental theory of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is this: if the client can change their belief and understanding of themselves or others, their behavior will change: and, conversely, if the client can modify their behavior in some way that is counter to their previous belief system, the cognition or understanding will change relative to that belief. Clients come to counselors to experience change. CBT is one of the avenues for each person to change something (thoughts or behavior) that will change everything else.

How Does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Work?

As an example of the meaning and use of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, now more commonly referred to as “CBT,” you interview a client to determine the dysfunctional thinking that directly influences that client’s behavior. When the client learns to evaluate their thinking more realistically, they experience improvement in their emotional state, and their behavior then changes as well.

Further, we discuss their variations of moods and behaviors with the client to get a clearer picture of the client’s underlying beliefs about themselves, their world, and others around them. Modifying these dysfunctional beliefs produces more enduring change.

CBT in Albany and Eugene, OR

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