Counseling &  Psychotherapy


COUNSELING & PSYCHOTHERAPY​ for  Children, Teenagers, Adults and Couples

Two convenient locations: Eugene and Albany

Therapy for Children & Teenagers


 Arise has highly trained therapists who work with children who are struggling with PTSD, anger problems, anxiety, stress, depression, communication, and behavioral issues. Our therapists are very welcoming, understanding, and accepting of each child.

Most children can benefit form play therapy. Click here to read more about play therapy and Arise play therapists.

Teenagers and adolescents 

Therapists at Arise work with young adults from all walks of life. They range from middle school to high school or out of school. Our therapists work with issues relating to dating, family, school, interpersonal, as well as depression, anxiety, PTDS, anger, stress, and other issues.

Arise therapist will chose a type of therapy that fits the age, developmental stage and individual need. 

Click here for a list of therapies available at Arise.


We welcome individuals from all walks of life. Several of Arise Therapist have a specific focus on LBTGQA+ issues.

We are honored to assist LBTGQA+ individuals with depression, anxiety. PTDS, oppression, religious abuse and other difficulties.

Arise therapist are however not certified to provide paperwork for people transitioning to a different gender.

Letters regarding hormone treatment or surgery can only be provided by PhD. Psychologists and therapists who have specific trained. Your Arise therapists can give you recourses and help you find a therapist than can give provide paperwork.