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Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

The body often carries one’s history of hard times and trauma, in the form of chronic muscle tension, habits of posture and breathing, reflexive movement, etc. Thinking together about the client’s life may not give therapist and client the access they need in order to fully free up the client for untraumatized living.

One way a therapist can help a client to change internal, emotional and cognitive experience is to bring the client’s awareness to his or her own physical traits and sensory experiences, let them become a source of information about how past harm is affecting the present, and coach the client through various small, experimental, self-conducted changes in physical experience, with the goal of (1) identifying “safe” ways for the body to rest and feel more whole and free, and (2) allowing the body to discharge its part of the trauma which might be contained, for instance, in a once-prohibited impulse such as pushing away a source of danger and hurt.

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