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Leah Riedlinger, MSW, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

There is nothing I would rather do with my time than talk with people about what matters most in their lives and work together to untangle the knots to find greater ease. I have strong faith in the capacity for each of us to experience transformation, healing and confidence. I believe that human life has deep meaning and I try to keep that knowledge close to my heart. The material world and my personal worries are powerful, so I consider it essential to spend time in reflection to stay connected to what really matters. When I’m not at work I enjoy being with family and friends. I adore spending time with my young son, which is why you will find me in the office only three days a week. I also love to explore the world through reading, sports, meditation, and spending time in nature.

Leah’s Approach

Being human is amazing and hard. I know firsthand how important help from others can be in finding our own truths. We all possess deep wisdom but get stuck in painful patterns due to stress, trauma, grief, habits, and genetics. My goal as a therapist is to help you find relief from whatever circumstances are bothering you and to empower you with a greater sense of confidence moving forward when our work together is done. I collaborate with clients to determine an approach that best helps you organize your thoughts and find greater meaning in your life. I want you to benefit from techniques for healing that have helped others with similar issues and I also want you to be an active participant in deciding what works for you.

I specialize in multiple evidence-based therapies. Some of the primary therapies I use include Internal Family Systems, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness, and a psychoeducational approach to learning to cope with triggers based on Polyvagal Theory. I welcome individuals of all orientations, beliefs, and identities. I often partner with clients who are struggling with overwhelming emotions or anxiety, depression, past trauma or neglect, grief, challenges parenting, or are looking for a new sense of direction in life. Whatever your situation, if you feel that we might be a good fit, I would consider it an honor to investigate what is most important to you.

More About Leah Riedlinger


Since 2013 I have worked with adults, adolescents, and families in Lane County who are facing the effects of trauma, anxiety, childhood neglect, and addiction or just feeling stuck. My experience has included work with unhoused communities, foster and adoptive youth, adults experiencing personality disorders, Latinx adults, teens in schools, and individual therapy in a variety of settings since 2017.

I am a Clinical Social Work Associate (CSWA) in Oregon, license number: A5282. I earned a Master of Social Work Degree from Portland State University and I hold Bachelor degrees in Philosophy and Spanish from the University of Oregon.

To maintain my license I am required to participate in regular supervision and ongoing training and education. I consider it important that I maintain an attitude of growth and learning in the same way that I encourage this attitude from my clients. I have earned additional certification from Portland State University through the Adoptive and Foster Families Certification Program.

I am currently participating in a multi-year training program with the Internal Family Systems Institute which focuses on healing and trauma.

Can I Help You?

I treat patients for:

  • Anxiety

  • Bi-Polar

  • Depression

  • Fertility Grief and Planning

  • Foster Care/Adoption

  • Life Transitions

  • Personal Growth

  • Self-Esteem

  • Trauma

 Angela Barnhurst