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Angela Barnhurst


Professional Counselor Associate

My friends often say that I have lived many lives – I’ve been an Air Force intelligence officer, worked in the corporate world as a security professional, worked as a consultant and even as a fitness instructor before finding my true calling as a mental health therapist. I’ve lived in the US, China, and Japan and traveled to many more countries. I feel that my experience has made me into a very open minded person who is able to view people and situations from more than one point of view. I believe that there is no better investment than putting the time and hard work into growth and self-exploration and that the pay off is becoming the best version of yourself! In my free time, I enjoy learning about new cultures and languages, spending time with my daughter and pushing myself at the gym.

Laura's Approach

I primarily use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy combined with Attachment Theory, as well as elements of Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Narrative Therapy. For couples therapy I primarily use the Gottman Method.

More About Laura


I did most of my student internship and practicum at a Community Center located in Shanghai, China where I had the pleasure of working with clients from North America, Europe, Africa and Asia on a wide variety of mental health issues and concerns. I’ve helped clients with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, relationships, schizophrenia, eating disorders, alcohol use, obsessive compulsive disorder, general life concerns or decisions and self-esteem issues.

I hold an undergraduate degree from the United States Air Force Academy in Foreign Area Studies, an MA in International Relations from Johns Hopkins and an MA from Colorado Christian University in Mental Health Clinical Counseling.

Can I Help You?

I treat patients for:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • OCD
  • Relationship struggles
  • Traumatic Events / Trauma
  • PTSD
  • Veteran’s issues
 Angela Barnhurst