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COUNSELING & PSYCHOTHERAPY​ for Children, Teenagers, Adults and Couples

John Santin,  Professional Counselor Associate

Arise Eugene

My wife and I moved to Eugene 20 years ago, and we still live here–three kids and two dogs later. My biggest desire in life is to help people lead more intentional, self-directed lives. Sometimes that requires slowing down and getting out of our own way. Sometimes we need to contend with more severe mental health challenges. Either way, I believe that positive change and healing are possible. 

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I offer Psychotherapy and Counseling for individual adults, couples and teenagers 13 years and up.

Psychotherapy and counseling can be helpful in a variety of issues. You can ask for my help if you have challenges in the the following areas:

Depression and Sadness

Anxiety, Panic, Worry or Stress

Trauma and PTSD, single event trauma's or complex trauma (abusive childhood or relationships).

Other: Adult ADHD, Identity or self-esteem issues, life transition challenges, LGBTQ issues, Personal growth.


 I am a Christian, and while my faith is an important part of who I am, I have worked with people from multiple faith and cultural backgrounds. 

Therapeutic Focus

Some of the therapeutic tools I use in session include, but are not limited to:

Formal Training, Education & Experience

I earned my Masters in Professional Counseling from Bushnell College in 2005. I was a mental health researcher for nine years and worked closely with incarcerated youth and their families for three years. In February of 2020, I started my own counseling private practice and then started working with Arise in October of that year. 

Hours and Billing

Sessions are scheduled by appointment and are usually 45-55 minutes long depending on insurance and individual need.

In-Person sessions and TeleHealth available

Monday 8AM - 12.30PM

Thursday 8AM - 12.30PM

Friday 8AM - 3PM

Online therapy available

I am in-network with:

  • PacificSource OHP (PSCS)
  • OHP Open Card 
  • PacificSource (Commercial insurance)
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Providence