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Art Therapy is a unique kind of mental health therapy that uses art as a pathway to gaining psychotherapeutic benefit for patients. In a nut shell, Psychotherapy is a type of mental health treatment that utilizes scientifically validated procedures to help patients work through their thoughts, feelings, and problems, as well as learn new tactics for better approaching problems in the future. Art Therapy combines the proven methodologies of Psychotherapy with the creative and emotionally expressive nature of art. Do you have to be good at art to venture into the world of Art Therapy? No!

Therapists that conduct Art Therapy must be skilled in two very different arenas, art and therapy, and then meld them together for their patients’ benefit. Art Therapy can be found in almost any venue where psychological assistance is provided, such as hospitals, substance abuse centers, mental health clinics, therapy centers, and in private practices. Art Therapy sessions can take place in group and/or one-on-one sessions, depending on what the patient is looking for. Drawing, painting, sculpting, felt work, needle work, collage, mixed media, and many other art forms are used in Art Therapy.

Art Therapy is individually tailored to both the patient and to the setting. The art is usually not entirely self-conceived by the patient-artist, but rather is directed by some kind of prompt or exercise provided by the art therapist. The artwork’s creation takes place under the supervision of the therapist, as the creation process is considered an integral part of the therapy. In a group therapy setting, both the process of creation and the resulting art work may be shared with the group.