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Arise offers counseling and psychotherapy to Children (5 and up), Teenagers,

Adolescents, Individual Adults, Couples and Families.

Therapists at Arise each have their own specialties and populations they help and use evidence based treatments

to serve you best in your journey to healing, a healthy life and healthier relationships.

All Arise Therapists are well educated and trained, abide by State and Board rules, adhere to the

the highest standard of Professional Ethics.

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Licensed Professional Counselor, 

Clinical Director & Arise Owner

Currently not accepting new clients

I believe that life is a journey, with individual challenges and opportunities. All of us need help along the way from different people around us. Sometimes help from a professional is beneficial or necessary.

I am passionate about listening to you and assisting you on your journey to emotional health and dedicated to come alongside you, listen to you and offer professional counseling and psychotherapy.

Clinical Social Worker Associate

My passion comes from helping people grow internally as well as external. I believe in meeting people where they are and equipping them with the tools they need to connect with insight and peace. I strive to create a space that feels safe where this work can be done. I believe that each one of us has the capacity to heal and experience health and wholeness. 

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Are you a parent seeking support with communication, parenting skills, or life transitions? Is your child having emotional or behavioral problems? Are you seeking guidance during a life transition?

Are you seeking support for improving communication skills and relationship building? Are you looking for someone to help you or someone you love cope with anxiety, depression, or childhood trauma?

I Can Help parents set limits that are both loving and firm, children express their feelings in a safe and thoughtful manner,

improve communication and enhance personal growth.

Licensed Psychologist

I believe that every problem has a solution. It is the acceptance of the solution that can be difficult especially when the solution is painful or unwanted. In a respectful, supportive and safe environment, I invite you to share the parts of your life that have presented barriers and obstacles to your happiness and well-being. Whether you struggle with a mood disorder, anxiety or trauma disorder, substance use or dual diagnosis, we can explore skills and actions leading to recovery and resiliency.

Licensed Professional Counselor 

Registered Intern

Life is a journey without a clear road map. We hit bumps, wrong turns, and flat tires along the way. Worry, sadness, and confusion can be a natural response to these problems we encounter. Sometimes it is difficult to know which direction is the best or even if we want to continue the journey. I am here to help you find your way, to find acceptance, and feel strong enough to face the obstacles to your travel.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

There is something in every one of us that lets us know when we do not feel OK. Equally, there is something in each of us that strives to be OK; and we try to move forward; towards feeling positive, loved, connected, secure and having purpose. When someone comes into therapy they are responding to a drive for healing and health. They come to find out and fix what ever is making them not feel OK.  Consider what can happen when your inner self-healing capabilities are engaged; when you are willing to engage in the necessary process to become OK.

Clinical Social Worker Associate

As fellow travelers on parallel journeys, connecting with trustworthy support may be beneficial. I am committed to helping you navigate through sadness, grief, depression, fear or anxiety. While experiencing challenges, vulnerability or overwhelm, it may be difficult to see one’s natural strengths and resources. Together, we can identify barriers to your well-being and collaborate on a path that feels authentic and rewarding to you. As one develops insight and healthy coping skills, one responds to life’s trials with greater resilience and ease. It would be my honor to support your inner journey.

Licensed Professional Counselor 

Registered Intern

Everybody has ups and downs, it is a normal part of life. Talking to a friend or loved one can be incredibly helpful. When you begin to feel “keyed up” all the time for no apparent reason, or feelings like hopelessness and despair seem to take hold, it may be time to talk with a professional. It is my greatest privilege to come alongside you to listen, empathize, and provide professional counseling during this leg of your life’s journey and provide the tools to help you to live your best life possible.

Marriage & Family Therapist 

Registered Intern

The reality of life is it can be hard and can bring many unexpected changes. Life experiences can overtake our true selves causing us to live beneath who we were created to be. It takes courage, faith, and commitment to reach out for professional help. Are you struggling with 

challenges such as anxiety, depression, or trauma? Do you feel disconnected and alone in the world? Are you struggling with relationship issues? It is my passion to come alongside and provide professional counseling to help you discover your  inner strengths as you come to understand and

overcome the issues you face.

Licensed Professional Counselor

Registered Intern

Are you suffering from depression, anxiety, or the effects of stress or trauma? Are you experiencing conflict or crisis with your spouse or partner? Maybe you’re a young person having difficulty finding direction and motivation in life–or an adult who has yet to figure out who you are or what you want to be when you grow up? As much as possible, I try to include an awareness of our somatic experiences–the sensations we experience in our bodies in the present moment–in our work together. I firmly believe that healing and positive change can be achieved by doing this kind of body-oriented work together. If you have never seen a counselor, or if you have but were unsatisfied with traditional talk therapy, I encourage you to reach out.

Licensed Professional Counselor 

Registered Intern

Daina will be available Mid July 2021, fro clients with OHP, Trillium or PacificSource (OHP and Commercial)

Compassion is the most important thing we can give to ourselves and others. No one should feel alone in their pain and suffering. By letting go of how we think things should be, we enable new possibilities to arise. As a therapist, I believe in honoring that everyone has their own pace on their path to healing.

It is my greatest privilege to help you find your balance, become stronger, and more self-confident. To fortify your self-esteem and self-respect. I embrace a holistic approach to therapy that works with the mind, body, and creative spirit. 

As a registered art therapist, somatic experience practitioner, and brain-spotting practitioner, I incorporate creative techniques that traditional talk therapy might not be able to process. If you are struggling with trauma, depression, eating disorders, stress and anxiety, let me help support you on your path to healing.

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Henrietta Knox, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor 

Clinical Director, Arise Founder

TJ Knox

Arise Director of Operations 

& Arise Owner

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