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Arise offers counseling and psychotherapy to Children (5 and up), Teenagers,

Adolescents, Individual Adults, Couples and Families.

Therapists at Arise each have their own specialties and populations they help and use evidence based treatments

to serve you best in your journey to healing, a healthy life and healthier relationships.

All Arise Therapists are well educated and trained, abide by State and Board rules, adhere to the

the highest standard of Professional Ethics.

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Licensed Clinical Social Worker

From personal experience, I know how hard navigating the ups and downs of modern life can be. Debilitating thoughts like, “I’m not enough,” become barriers to progression. This brand of negative self-talk often leaves one feeling stuck and using whatever means necessary to alleviate the pain. I believe the answers to creating a life worth living reside inside each one of us. My job is to help you uncover your unique ability to manage the challenges of life. As you work toward healing, I am here to listen, support, and will do my best to make you feel safe and heard.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Do you feel that you are being held back from the life you want to live? Are you having difficulty with anxiety and depression? Are you tired of feeing panicky and insecure? Have you been stuck in bad habits or addiction as a way of ignoring or postponing pain?

My passion is in working with individuals navigating anxiety, mood disorders, trauma, addiction, and dual diagnosis issues. I offer a safe space to explore what recovery and resiliency looks like, to contemplate how to move on from toxic relationships and self-doubt, and to let go of the blocks that may be keeping you stuck in unhealthy patterns. 

Licensed Professional Counselor

Registered Intern

 Are you a parent that is trying to have a relationship with your child(ren)? Do you feel alone and that nothing is working? Are you worried that your child(ren) might have problems later when they grow up? Have your experiences in your life caused you distress and now you want to live fully? Have you noticed that your symptoms are getting in your way? Do you feel like everything you have tried is just not working? We can navigate all of these together. Together, we will find ways that work.

It took a lot for you to get on this site. You've taken this step. Whether you are a parent/guardian trying to find help, or an individual that is trying to heal, come see me. We can take more steps together.

Licensed Professional Counselor

Registered Intern

Sometimes life can present us with enormous challenges. Other times it might be life’s

cumulative little difficulties that slowly weigh us down over time. Perhaps you have been

experiencing sadness or anxiety and are unsure of how to address such discomfort. Maybe you believe that you could benefit from embracing a new perspective. In therapy we can work on issues of depression, anxiety, grief, minority stress, identity issues, and religious trauma/abuse.

Let’s discover together what your strengths are, and how you can use them to enhance your

life. Let’s change your narrative.

Licensed Professional Counselor 

Registered Intern

Life is a journey, one never knows when there might be a twist that could be overwhelming,

uncomfortable or consuming. Sometimes we need someone who is unbiased to share those twists and it takes courage to reach out for professional help. 

Are you trying to navigate life living with anxiety, depression, or trauma.? Do you feel

discouraged, unappreciated, or alone in your life? Are you struggling with turmoil in relationships? It is my passion to walk beside you  to help the you develop self-compassion, mindfulness, conflict resolution, and inner strengths and to implement the tools you need to continue to live a joy-filled life through the journeys of life.

Licensed Professional Counselor 

Bilingual Spanish-English


Life is a journey full of choices. The outcomes of those choices define who we are. We all experience an existential crisis at some point in our lives which impacts our well-being. I help individuals to accept and to embrace unpleasant feelings, increase awareness of freedom of choices, encourage healthy responsibility, for the outcomes of these choices, and support finding meaning in life.

I support individuals by providing a comfortable, safe, and non-judgmental environment as a starting point to change unhealthy habits in their lives. I explore and acknowledge individuals’ symptoms and feelings, and work together to find solutions and/or answers to problems that have been affecting their well-being. 

Licensed Professional Counselor 

Registered Intern

Navigating our identities, minds and bodies in the world presents challenges. Feeling stuck, alone, in pain, burdened by shame and difficult circumstances saps our energy and growth. Seeking help to transform influences and ways of "being” and "doing” that no longer serve you reflects strength and hope to want life to be better. The counseling process builds on this strength to support you experiencing life and relationships in more authentic ways, while creating change in adaptive thinking and emoting patterns to meet your goals and values. I am a professionally-trained listener who offers a safe, compassionate, judgment-free space to support you gaining clarity into the root of your problems, overcoming challenges, and increasing opportunities to improve wellbeing. 

Licensed Professional Counselor 

Registered Intern

Chaos is inevitable and it is easy to become overwhelmed or confused with what to do. This can contribute to anxiety, depression, and worsen trauma. 

When this happens, it can be helpful to

have someone walk beside us in navigating through life. 

Sometimes we need help learning to cope with and/or change how we view the world. Together, we can take the first step towards improving your quality of life.

Licensed Professional Counselor

Registered Intern

There are different times in every person's life when it is beneficial to seek support. Navigating life’s circumstances can feel confusing and difficult at times. Do you wish to move in the direction of deeper healing and health but feel stuck and uncertain about how to do so? Whether it be a past experience or current struggle, it takes bravery to step out and seek support when life feels overwhelming. It is my priority to honor that step by providing a safe and comfortable space for clients to talk about their reasons for seeking professional therapeutic services. I would consider it a privilege to collaborate with you in the process of your healing and growth.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern

Do you want to thrive? Let me help! Take a deep breath inhale…and slowly exhale. I believe its important to recognize all aspects of your being in the therapeutic process. This is why I practice from an integrative approach that focuses around the 4 pillars of nourishment, restoration, movement, and connection. We will do hard work together. My clients enjoy movement and are open to trying new things they haven’t done before, like spending less time on technology, creating new habits, and doing a series of yoga postures to help release stagnant energy. I would be honored to help guide you in your journey.

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Licensed Professional Counselor 

Clinical Director, Arise Founder

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