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COUNSELING & PSYCHOTHERAPY​ for Children, Teenagers, Adults and Couples

All Arise Therapists are well educated and trained, abide by state and board rules, adhere to the 

  the highest standard of professional of Ethics.

Every therapists has different therapeutic focus and uses evidence based treatments to serve you best in your journey to healing and a healthy life and healthier relationships. 

We are here to help

Henrietta Knox LPC

Licensed   Professional Counselor, Clinical Supervisor,  

Clinical Director & Arise Owner

I believe that life is a journey, with individual challenges and opportunities. All of us need help along the way from different people around us. Sometimes help from a professional is beneficial or necessary.

I am passionate about listening to you and assisting you on your journey to emotional health, personal growth and discovering your potential, healthy relationships, or help you when you encounter roadblocks in your journey.

I am dedicated to come alongside you, listen to you and offer professional counseling and psychotherapy. read more

Glenna Dunaway, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

A lot can go wrong in life, and people are very complicated beings! I have had success in working with subtle problems, like general dissatisfaction with how things are going, and with very serious problems, like depression or high anxiety that interferes with work and relationships.

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Joanna Ferreira NCC LPC Intern

Licensed Professional Counselor Registered Intern

If you ever felt 'not enough,' depressed, anxious, lost in your own reactions, struggling with relationships in your life, experiencing intense mood ups and downs, being stuck in the loop of unhelpful thoughts, being trapped in the past or afraid of the future, and simply wanting to finally feel at peace with who you are? - I believe I can help you, and would love to meet you. I can help you become more mindful of your current potential and obstacles, and teach you ways of becoming present with your experience daily, in a self-compassionate way.

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Keyonna McCulloch, MSW CSWA

Clinical Social Worker Associate

My passion comes from helping people grow internally as well as external. I believe in meeting people where they are and equipping them with the tools they need to connect with insight and peace. I strive to create a space that feels safe where this work can be done. I believe that each one of us has the capacity to heal and experience health and wholeness. I enjoy working with people from diverse backgrounds especially those looking to use faith integration in practice. I also enjoy working with individuals who are struggling with depression and anxiety in particular kids and youth. I utilize a strengths-based approach in practice.

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Heather Johnson, LPC Intern

Licensed Professional Counselor Registered Intern

It takes a lot of courage to admit you need help, but it's the first step. Can't seem to find joy in your life after a traumatic event? Feeling overwhelmed or chronically anxious? Feeling stigmatized, broken, unstable, different, or pessimistic about life? Feeling stuck in the frustration and pain of the same old communication cycle in your relationship? Trying to understand why you are not able to easily move out of this dysfunctional style of relating in order to experience more intimacy and connection? Is finding the motivation to take on these changes creating a barrier between you and your loved ones? 

Maybe you are experiencing a strain in your relationships with those most dear to you.

If you are searching for internal stability and grounding I would love to help facilitate personal growth in a compassionate and safe environment. My goal as a therapist is to deepen my client's self-understanding so that they can lead a more emotionally-fulfilling life. I believe this happens when a person is congruent, meaning they are in touch with who they are, what they feel, and what they want, and they act accordingly.

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Anne Harper Ph.D. LPC Intern

Licensed Professional Counselor Registered Intern

Life is a journey without a clear road map. We hit bumps, wrong turns, and flat tires along the way. Worry, sadness, and confusion can be a natural response to these problems we encounter. Sometimes it is difficult to know which direction is the best or even if we want to continue the journey. I am here to help you find your way, to find acceptance, and feel strong enough to face the obstacles to your travel.

If you are feeling, overwhelmed, steeped in sadness, uncertain, panicked or worried about almost everything or just one thing, I can help. I have worked with a vast array of individuals from combat exposed service members to individuals just trying to find their way in a messy world. I have also worked with caregivers and individuals needing help getting over rough times in their past, present, or future.

Everyone needs someone they can talk to. Everyone deserves to be heard without judgement. Everyone deserves a safe space.

I can help.

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Enid Richey, Ph.D. 

Licensed Psychologist

I believe that every problem has a solution. It is the acceptance of the solution that can be difficult, especially when the solution is painful or unwanted. In a respectful, supportive and safe environment, I invite you to share the parts of your life that have presented barriers and obstacles to your happiness and well-being. Whether you struggle with a mood disorder, anxiety or trauma disorder, substance use or dual diagnosis, we can explore skills and actions leading to recovery and resiliency.

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Ludmilla Zuckman, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, fears, self-doubts, obsessions, or relationship issues? Are you going through a life transition or dealing with a chronic illness? Are you unable to manage stress and allow more happiness in your life? I would love to guide you so you can achieve a better quality of life and more fulfilling relationships.

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Morgan Williamson, New Client Coordinator

Client Care

Morgan is Arise's office manager and New Client Coordinator.

Please call or email her with any questions you might have about becoming a Arise Client, about Arise therapists and their availability, if you want to know Arise accepts your insurance and with all your billing questions.